In a very low temperature which from the following will freeze at last?

A. River water
B. Canal water
C. Sea water
D. Water in a lake

The nearest planet to the Earth is _________?

A. Venus
B. Mercury
C. Mars
D. Moon

The planet that moves round the Sun at the highest speed is_________?

A. Jupiter
B. Venus
C. Mars
D. Mercury

In general, Comets have __________ orbits

A. Elliptical
B. Highly elliptical
C. Circular
D. Parabolic

GPS is an abbreviation for?

A. Global Poles System
B. Global PolySiliconium Store
C. Global Positioning System
D. Global Position Structure

Oxidation is a chemical reaction involving the __________?

A. Gain of Electrons
B. Loss of Electrons
C. Gain of Protons
D. Loss of Protons

At night, Plants intake __________ and release __________?

A. Oxygen – Carbon dioxide
B. Carbon dioxide – Oxygen
C. Oxygen – Carbon monoxide
D. None of theseCarbon monoxide – Oxygen

Urine is produced in __________?

A. Kidneys
B. Lungs
C. Large intestine
D. Liver

The salinity of sea water is determined by the amount of common salt (Sodium Chloride) in __________ of sea water.

A. 1 gram
B. 10 grams
C. 1 kg
D. 10 kg

The planet which is easily visible from the Earth is?

A. Mercury
B. Venus
C. Mars
D. Jupiter

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