Anatomy Upper limb MCQs

  1. The bicipital aponeurosis passes obliquely deep to the:
    a. Brachial artery.
    b. Median cubital vein.
    c. Median nerve.
    d. Radial nerve.
    e. None of the above.
    Answer b
  2. In movements of the arm, the coracobrachialis assists in:
    a. Flexion.
    b. Exatension.
    c. Abduction.
    d. Rotation.
    e. Supination.
    Answer a
  3. The brachial artery:
    a. Bifurcates opposite the neck of the humerus.
    b. Is deep throughout its entire course.
    c. In the cubital fossa, it lies medial to the biceps tendon.
    d. The median nerve crosses in front of the artery from the medial to the lateral
    e. None of the above.
    Answer c
  4. The cubital fossa is bounded by the:
    a. Pronator quadratus.
    b. Brachioradialis.
    c. Coracobrachialis.
    d. Biceps tendon.
    e. a and b only.
    Answer b
  5. The lateral cutaneous nerve of the forearm is derived from the:
    a. C5.
    b. C6.
    c. C7.
    d. C5, 6, 7
    e. C6, 7, 8
    Answer d
  1. The anterior compartment of the arm contains all of the following EXCEPT:
    a. Biceps.
    b. Triceps.
    c. Brachialis.
    d. Coracobrachialis.
    e. Brachial artery.
    Answer b
  2. Muscles innervated by the musculocutaneous nerve:
    a. Brachialis.
    b. Coracobrachialis.
    c. Biceps.
    d. All of the above.
    e. Triceps.
    Answer d
  3. The cubital fossa contains all of the following EXCEPT:
    a. Brachial artery.
    b. Radial artery.
    c. Radial nerve.
    d. Ulnar nerve.
    e. Median nerve.
    Answer d
  4. The constriction below the greater and lesser tuberosities of the humerus is
    a. Anatomical neck.
    b. Surgical neck.
    c. Humeral shaft.
    d. Humeral ring.
    e. None of the above.
    Answer b
  5. The lesser tuberosity of the humerus gives attachment to the:
    a. Supraspinatus.
    b. Infraspinatus.
    c. Teres minor.
    d. Teres major.
    e. Subscapularis.
    Answer e

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