Are China, Russia and Pakistan making a new global bloc against the US-led world?

International alliances are actually based on economic, geopolitical and strategic interests. With some change in the said interests, states tend to alter their alliances. South Asia has been facing a similar reality for the last few years. With India moving into the US-led bloc and Pakistan is getting closer to Moscow and Beijing. This new shift of alliances is being considered as a move against the world order established the US.

The Western Alliance:
After the World War II, it was the USA and the USSR which established their political and economic hegemony in the world. But this action of theirs can in contest with one another. For nearly half a century both the countries remained in Cold War which ultimately resulted in collapse of the USSR thus leaving the USA as sole hegemon of the modern world. Since then, the USA has established an alliance based on economic, political and mainly military alliance with the Europe and multiple nations in almost every continent of the world.

The Rising China-led Alliance:
China being the successor state of communist ideology and world’s second largest economy has always been considered by the USA as a rival. China has kept its foreign policy sort of pacific. It has rarely used force in any part of the world to become hegemon of any region or the world. With ever increasing power of China, it is on the move to establish a new alliance in Asia that might break the hegemony of the USA in world. That alliance is yet based on economic ventures rather than military adventures. In this alliance, Russia is being considered as a natural ally of China and that will be second in command. In South Asia, Pakistan is considered as important role player in this new alliance.

China, Russia & Pakistan:
Pakistan has always had great relations with China. But, its foreign policy towards Russia has recently sought a rebirth. With the visit of PM Imran Khan to Moscow amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the west is watching this development keenly. This visit, which has also been defended by the government in every case, is being taken by the West as ultimate token of Pakistan’s shift towards the China and Russia bloc in Asia. Although Pakistan declares itself neutral in these affairs but it current rift with the USA and closeness with the Chinese bloc speak otherwise.

Possible Future of the New Bloc:
This alliance of China, Russia and Pakistan has great future in economic terms but speaking in the sense of defense, nothing final can be predicted. Amid the project of CPEC, Russia can join for new economic ventures in South Asia. In any case, if this bloc is used in military sense, that will prove disastrous for the region.

The new alliance of South Asia is not a hidden fact. This alliance will endeavor to break the hegemony of the USA but that will be possible in economic terms rather than in military sense.

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