Cricket mcqs

Cricket mcqs

Who is the first Pakistani to hit century in T20I cricket?

A. Imran Nazir
B. Kamran Akmal
C. Ahmad Shahzad
D. Shahid Afridi

In which year Pakistan played first test match?

A. 1951
B. 1952
C. 1953
D. 1954

ICC stands for ______________.

A. International cricket conference
B. International cricket council
C. International cricket club
D. International cricket coalition

Pakistan lost the cricket world cup final in ____________?

A. 1992
B. 1996
C. 1999
D. 2003

ODI stands for___________?

A. One Day International
B. Overseas Development Institute
C. Oracle Data Integrator (Oracle
D. Office for Disability Issues

What is the height of cricket wickets?

A. 26 inches (66 cm)
B. 27 inches (68.6 cm)
C. 28 inches (71.12 cm)
D. 29 inches (73.7 cm)

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