Pakistan and the Future of Kashmir Cause.

Pakistan and the Future of Kashmir Cause.

Role of Pakistan regarding the independence of Kashmir has never been uniform. It has seen ups and downs in different periods of time. Pakistan has supported the independence of Kashmir using the military as well as diplomatic approach. It has used the international platforms like the United Nations as well. It has exploited the good offices of different friendly nations. In neither of the ways, Kashmir has sought independence. In fact, with the passage of time, when Pakistan is having limited options to utilize, the cause and future of Kashmir has started to lose its original vigor. In such scenario, Pakistan needs to think beyond what has already been done. Pakistan needs to work on a comprehensive multidimensional strategy that can ensure a better future for Kashmir in terms of its independence.

Kashmir was one of the princely states in British India. Following the partition in 1947, the said states were given a choice regarding their future. They were allowed to join either of the countries resulting from partition. They were allowed to join India or Pakistan. At that time, Kashmir has population of Muslim majority. The people of Kashmir wanted to join Pakistan but, they were under control of a Hindu Raja who defying the will of people handed over the valley to the Indian government by signing an instrument of joining India. People of Kashmir never accepted it. The Indian troops reached to capture the valley. In 1948, first war was fought between Pakistan and India over this valley. It resulted in two parts of Kashmir. A major part called ‘Occupied Kashmir’ is in Indian control. A minor part called ‘Independent Kashmir’ is attached with Pakistan as a semi-independent state.

Since 1948, Pakistan has utilized different kinds of military as well as diplomatic means to ensure the independence of Kashmir. It has relied on Jihad and helping the Kashmiri people in their fight for independence. It has supported the people of Kashmir at international forums by raising concerns about the occupation of Kashmir. It has utilized almost its every embassy in the world to raise the issue of Kashmir in the world. Pakistan has used forum of the United Nations to request the world community for doing something about the independence of Kashmir. Further, it has multiple times made effort of dialogue with India to put an end to this crisis. There have been important meetings over this issue in 1990s as well as in 2000s. In all these approaches the issue of Kashmir failed to reach some conclusion.

Although, this is a bitter reality but it never allows Pakistan as well as Kashmiri people to give up the hope. Under the name of terrorism, India has put strict surveillance on any kinds of activities. Modi government has put Kashmir under a curfew for years now. Kashmir has been subjected to every kind of human rights violations. Still, the global community is refraining to resolve this issue. Amid such scenario, Pakistan has changed its approach. It has utilized every forum to raise the voice for Kashmiri people. It has sought help of international powers as well. It has requested people of the whole world to think over the issue of Kashmir. It has highlighted the human right violations being carried out in the valley. The government of Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken serious and effective stance on the said issue. It has spoken vociferously about the rights of Kashmiri people. Pakistan is unable to play its role as openly as it used to do in the past regarding the issue of Kashmir. This is because the freedom struggle of Kashmir has been mixed up by the Indian propaganda with terrorism. In such scenario, when Pakistan is under surveillance and pressure of institutions like FATF, it is moving cautiously thus leaving only a few dimension to work over independence of Kashmir. But, even with these limited options, role is being played. Pakistan never stopped raising voice for the cause of Kashmir.

Another issue regarding the future of Kashmir is the pro-Indian government of Kashmiri people. These are used as pawns by Indian governments to curb the effort of pro-independence Kashmiri people. These governments have failed to support the true cause of its people. They are relying on India for keeping themselves intact at the cost of lives of Kashmiri people.

The future of Kashmir and role of Pakistan in this regard is still important. Despite all the debate made above, the future of an independent Kashmir needs to be secured. It is important not only for the people of the valley but also for peace of the region. In this regard, global community needs to play an active role. The global community needs to give up its silence over the human rights violations in Kashmir. It needs to ensure plebiscite in Kashmir so they can determine their future. Further, there is need that the bodies like Security Council compel India towards a solution. India would never come on terms over Kashmir with Pakistan unless the global powers work over it. With the support of the United States and its silence over the cause of Kashmir, India would avoid dialogue. This will further damage the cause of Kashmir.

Besides all these facts, the future of Kashmir and role of Pakistan in it remains important. Pakistan also need to keep on pressing the cause of Kashmiri people at every platform. It needs to seek the help of global institutions and the global powers to forces India to give up its illegal occupation of the valley. This seems difficult than it ever was but that is the only way forward for the people of South Asia. That is the only key to the peace in South Asia. That is the only way Kashmiri people will give up arms and start living normal lives. In any case otherwise, the region will always remain under the cloud of warfare and conflict which serves none but poverty and hunger.

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