301.        Which among the following is also called” peak less” insulin analog ?

A.            Insulin lispro

B.            Insulin glargine

C.            Insulin aspart

D.            Lente insulin

302.        Meiotic division of male germ cells commence   ?

A.            During intra – uterine life

B.            just before birth

C.            by around 6 years after birth

D.            by around 16 years

303.        The percentage of body water is greater in          ?

A.            Male than in females

B.            Children than in adult

C.            Obese than in lean individuals

D.            old than in young objects

304.        During exercise ?

A.            Cerebral blood flow increases if there is increase in systolic blood pressure

B.            Body temperature increases

C.            Blood flow to muscle increases after 1½ minute

D.            Lymphatic flow from muscle decrease

305.        Plasma factor present in both serum & plasma is               ?

A.            V

B.            VII

C.            II

D.            Fibrinogen

306.        In PHC, which anticoagulant is used to send the blood sample for blood glucose                ?

A.            EDTA

B.            Heparin

C.            Potassium oxalate+ sodium fluoride

D.            Potassium oxalate

307.        Blood cells arise in bone marrow and are subject to         ?

A.            Irregular renewal

B.            Regular renewal

C.            Infrequent renewal

D.            None of the above

308.        Site of RBC formation in 20 years old healthy male is        ?

A.            Flat bones

B.            Long bones

C.            Liver

D.            Yolk sac

309.        In human the Hb is          ?

A.            HbH

B.            HbA

C.            HbM

D.            HbS

310.        Plasma cells are constituent of   ?

A.            Nervous tissue

B.            Muscular tissue

C.            Epithelial tissue

D.            Connective tissue

311.        The tissue macrophages are derived from the    ?

A.            Neutrophil

B.            Eosinophil

C.            Monocyte

D.            All of the above

312.        In a blood sample antiserum A and antiserum B and Rh+ ve factor is added. No agglutination is seen. This is         ?

A.            O group and Rh+ ve

B.            O group and Rh- ve

C.            AB group and Rh+ ve

D.            AB group and Rh – ve

313.        AB group has following agglutinins           ?

A.            Anti – A & Anti – B

B.            Neither anti A nor anti – B

C.            Anti – A

D.            Anti – B

314.        Citrate is a useful anticoagulant because of its ability to  ?

A.            Buffer basic groups of coagulation factors

B.            Bind factor XII

C.            Bind vitamin K

D.            Chelate calcium

315.        ESR depends on               ?

A.            Viscidity

B.            Fibrinogen

C.            Rouleaux

D.            All of the above

316.        The normal brown red color of feces results from the presence of                           ?

A.            Heme

B.            Stercobilin

C.            Biliverdin

D.            Bilirubin diglucuronide

317.        Which of the following is not a cause of secondary polycythemia ?

A.            High Altitude

B.            Myeloproliferative changes

C.            Pheochromocytoma

D.            Cerebellar hemangioblastoma

318.        Which of the following clotting factor is involved only in extrinsic pathway


A.            IX

B.            X

C.            II

D.            VII

319.        Plasma colloid osmotic pressure is due to             ?

A.            Albumin

B.            Globulin

C.            Fibrinogen

D.            Collagen

320.        Decreased MCHC is found in       ?

A.            Microcytic hypochromic anemia

B.            Megaloblastic anemia

C.            Sideroblastic anemia

D.            Vit B12 deficiency

321.        True statement regarding hematopoiesis includes           ?

A.            Spleen plays a major role in adults (in lymphopoiesis )

B.            Committed stem cells differentiates into only one cell type

C.            RES plays a role

D.            None

322.        A reliable screening test for platelet function is  ?

A.            CT

B.            PT

C.            Thrombin

D.            Clot retraction time

323.        CO2 is transported in plasma as ?

A.            Bicarbonate

B.            Carbomino compounds

C.            Dissolved

D.            CO

324.        Immune complexes are removed from blood by               ?

A.            B cell

B.            Basophil

C.            Plasma cell

D.            Kupffer cell

325.        Thromboxane is produced mainly by      ?

A.            Liver

B.            Platelets

C.            Damaged tissue

D.            Vascular endothelium

326.        Increased blood viscosity and slow circulation causes      ?

A.            RBC rouleax formation

B.            Increased plasma skimming

C.            Increased number of RBC in capillaries

D.            None

327.        Ions participating in clotting mechanism are         ?

A.            Iron

B.            Copper

C.            Calcium

D.            Aluminum

328.        Christmas factor is           ?

A.            PTA

B.            PTC

C.            VWA

D.            Prothrombin

329.        Small lymphocyte is        ?

A.            Bigger than RBC

B.            Same as the size of RBC

C.            Smaller than RBC

D.            None of these

330.        The largest fraction of the total body fluid is        ?

A.            Extracellular fluid

B.            Intracellular fluid

C.            Plasma

D.            Whole blood

331.        Survival time of platelet is approximately              ?

A.            10 hours

B.            10 days

C.            10 weeks

D.            100 days

332.        Serum is blood plasma without  ?

A.            Blood cells

B.            Fibrinogen

C.            Lymphocytes

D.            Plasma colloids

333.        Persons having anti- A and anti- B is agglutinins in their serum belong to which blood group         ?

A.            A

B.            B

C.            AB

D.            O

334.        Albumin is           ?

A.            Nucleo protein

B.            Chromo protein

C.            Phospho protein

D.            Simple protein

335.        Fluid content of the blood is       ?

A.            Plasma

B.            Serum

C.            Water

D.            Tissue fluid

336.        The only fixed cell of the connective tissue          ?

A.            Histiocyte

B.            Lymphocyte

C.            Neutrophils

D.            Mast cell

337.        Which of the following is not involved in blood clotting ?

A.            Calcium

B.            Prothrombin

C.            Fibrinogen

D.            Fe+2

338.        Immunologically active cells are ?

A.            Plasma cells

B.            MAST cells

C.            Eosinophils

D.            R.B.C s

339.        For heparin which of the following is ?

A.            Inhibits conversion of fibrinogen to insoluble fibrin

B.            Interferes with action of thrombin

C.            Is released by macrophages

D.            Is released by mast cells

340.        Which of the following vitamins is necessary for maturation of blood precursor cells        ?

A.            Vit- A

B.            Thiamine

C.            Riboflavin

D.            Cyano cobalamine

341.        Erythropoietin is produced in the             ?

A.            Bone marrow

B.            Kidney

C.            Liver

D.            Spleen

342.        Hematocrit relates to which of the following       ?

A.            Total blood volume

B.            Total RBC volume

C.            Total WBC vlume

D.            Plasma filtrate

343.        Serum is               ?

A.            Plasma- clotting factors

B.            Plasma- fibrin

C.            Blood – RBC

D.            Blood – all cellular elements

344.        Drumstick is found in      ?

A.            Neutrophils

B.            Lymphocytes

C.            Monocytes

D.            Platelets

345.        Which of them is not affected by vitamin K deficiency    ?

A.            Factor IX

B.            Factor VII

C.            Factor II

D.            Factor VIII

346.        The normal absolute eosinophil count is                ?

A.            40 to 440 cells/

B.            500 to 900 cells/

C.            1200 to1500cells/

D.            1500 to 2,000cells/

347.        At what temperature blood is stored      ?

A.            -4°C

B.            4°C

C.            6°C

D.            8°C

348.        Which of the following represents most dangerous situation      ?

A.            Rh+ ve mother, who is bearing 2nd Rh+ ve child

B.            Rh+ ve mother, bearing her 2nd + ve child

C.            Rh+ ve mother, bearing her 1st Rh – ve child

D.            Rh – ve mover, bearing her 1stRh + ve child

349.        Histiocytes are  ?

A.            Scavenger cells

B.            Allergic cells

C.            Released in immunologic response

D.            Leukocytes

350.        Which of the following agents in not likely to be found in plasma ?

A.            Thrombin

B.            Fibrinogen

C.            Prothrombin

D.            Calcium ion

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