451.        Delta waves of Electroencephalogram have frequency of             ?

A.            More than 14 cycles per second

B.            Between 8 and 13 cycles per second

C.            Less than 3.5 cycles per second

D.            Between 4 and 7 cycles per second

452.        Sensory receptors for pain are   ?

A.            Pacinian corpuscles

B.            End organs of Ruffini

C.            End bulbs of Krause

D.            Free nerve endings

453.        The first physiological response to high environmental temperature is                   ?

A.            Sweating

B.            Vasodilatation

C.            Decrease heat production

D.            Non- shivering thermogenesis

454.        function of Merkel’s cells is         ?

A.            Tactile sensation

B.            Melanophage

C.            Chemoreceptor

D.            Proprioception

455.        Copious flow of watery saliva is secreted in response to                ?

A.            Parasympathetic stimulation

B.            Sympathetic stimulation

C.            CNS stimulation

D.            sensory stimulation

456.        Intensity of sound is measured in             ?

A.            Diopters

B.            Daltons

C.            Decibels

D.            Pounds

457.        Pacinian corpuscles are major receptor for           ?

A.            Pressure

B.            Pain

C.            Touch

D.            Temperature

458.        Resting membrane potential of nerve fiber is     ?

A.            -70 mv

B.            -90 mv

C.            -55 mv

D. + 35 mv

459.        Sympathetic stimulation causes                ?

A.            Arteriolar constriction

B.            Ciliary muscle contraction

C.            Sweat secretion

D.            All of the above

460.        Gag reflex is mediated by            cranial nerve ?

A.            VII

B.            IX

C.            X

D.            XII

461.        Satiety center in hypothalamus is regulated by  ?

A.            Gastric dilatation

B.            Blood glucose levels

C.            Blood insulin levels

D.            All of the above

462.        Swallowing center is situated in ?

A.            MIdbrain

B.            Pons

C.            Medulla

D.            Cerebellum

463.        Wallenberg degeneration is seen in        ?

A.            Proximal cut end of nerve with cell body

B.            Distal cut end of nerve without cell body

C.            Both the free ends of the cut nerve

D.            All are true

464.        First change to occur in the distal segment of cut              ?

A.            Myelin degeneration

B.            Axonal degeneration

C.            Mitosis of schwann cell

D.            Sprouting

465.        Neurotransmitter in nigrostrial pathway is            ?

A.            Dopamine

B.            GABA

C.            Acetyl choline

D.            Nor epinephrine

466.        The term ‘myopia’ refers to        ?

A.            Near sightedness

B.            Far sightedness

C.            Constriction of the pupil

D.            Dilation of the pupil

467.        Aphasia is most likely associated with a lesion in                ?

A.            Broca’s area

B.            Sensory area

C.            Primary motor area

D.            Visual area

468.        Abdominal visceral pain is transmitted by             ?

A.            fibers

B.            fibers

C.            Parasympathetic fibers

D.            Sympathetic fibers

469.        The Sensory receptors serving the stretch reflex are classified as                              ?

A.            Proprioceptors

B.            Nociceptors

C.            Exteroceptors

D.            Chemo receptors

470.        Unmyelinated fibres differ from myelinated fibers in that they


A.            Have increased excitability

B.            Have to nodes of Ranvier

C.            Have no power of regeneration

D.            Have no association of Schwann cells

471.        Tremors are seen in disorder of                ?

A.            Basal ganglia

B.            Pain pathway

C.            Pyramidal tract

D.            Parathyroid gland

472.        Which of the following is not true for myelinated nerve fibers                                    ?

A.            Impulse through myelinated fibers is slower than non- myelinated fibers

B.            Membrane currents are generated at nodes of Ranvier

C.            Saltatory conduction of impulses is seen

D.            Local anesthesia is effective only when the nerve is not covered by myelin sheath

473.        Lesions within the basal ganglia produce the following signs except         ?

A.            Hypotonia

B.            Tremor

C.            Hemiballismus

D.            Athetosis

474.        Sensations of pain from teeth and temperature are carried by                   ?

A.            Corticospinal tract

B.            Corticobulbar tract

C.            Lateral spinothalamic tract

D.            Ventral spinothalamic tract

475.        Preganglionic parasympathetic fibers are              ?

A.            Somatic only

B.            Parasympathetic

C.            Sympathetic

D.            Cholinergic

476.        Respiratory center is situated in                ?

A.            Medulla oblongata

B.            Spinal cord

C.            Midbrain

D.            Hypothalamus

477.        Pain sensation from the lateral extremities is transmitted

by           ?

A.            Spino thalmamic tract

B.            Dorsal column

C.            Corticospinal tract

D.            Spinocerebellar tract

478.        Pain is conducted by       ?

A.            A-alpha fibers

B.            A-beta fibers

C.            A-gamma fibers

D.            A-delta fibers

479.        Stimulation of baroreceptors results in  ?

A.            Increase in heart rate

B.            Decreased vagal discharge

C.            Increased sympathetic discharge

D.            Decrease in blood pressure

480.        2nd heart sound is characterized by all except    ?

A.            Due to closure of semilunar valves

B.            Is occasionally split

C.            Has longer duration than 1st heart sound

D.            Marks the onset of diastole

481.        Heart muscle, true are all except              ?

A.            Act as syncytium

B.            Has multiple nuclei

C.            Has gap junctions

D.            Has branching

482.        Isovolumetric relaxation ends immediately after               ?

A.            AV Valve closes

B.            When ventricular pressure falls below aortic pressure

C.            When ventricular pressure falls below atrial pressure

D.            None of the above

483.        Ventricular muscle receives impulses directly from the  ?

A.            Purkinje system

B.            Bundle of HIS

C.            Right and left bundle branches

D.            AV node

484.        Distribution of blood flow is mainly regulated by the       ?

A.            Arteries

B.            Arterioles

C.            Capillaries

D.            Venules

485.        Effect on force of contraction of heart is               ?

A.            Chronotropic effect

B.            Dromotropic effect

C.            Bathmotropic

D.            Ionotropic effect

486.        Cardiac output is maximum to    ?

A.            Liver

B.            Brain

C.            Kidney

D.            Heart

487.        Absolute period when whole heart is in diastole is           ?

A.            0.7 seconds

B.            0.3 seconds

C.            0.7 seconds

D.            0.4 seconds

488.        Cardiac cycle duration in man is ?

A.            0.4 seconds

B.            0.8 seconds

C.            1.2 seconds

D.            1.6 seconds

489.        Coronary blood flow is usually predominantly controlled by                         ?

A.            Auto regulation

B.            Hormones

C.            Parasympathetic impulses

D.            Sympathetic impulse

490.        Fastest conducting tissue in human heart             ?

A.            AV node

B.            SA node

C.            Bundle of His

D.            Purkinje fibers

491.        Closure of aortic valve occurs before the following event                              ?

A.            Isovolumetric contraction

B.            Isovolumetric relaxation

C.            Pre-diastole

D.            Pre-systole

492.        Cardiac index is related to            ?

A.            cardiac output and body weight

B.            Cardiac output and body surface area

C.            Cardiac output and work of the heart

D.            Stroke volume and pulse rate

493.        Stimulation of barorceptor leads to         ?

A.            Increased blood pressure, increased heart rate

B.            Decreased B.P , decreased heart rate

C.            Increased B.P, decreased heart rate

D.            Decreased B.P, increased heart rate

494.        Consider the following statements          ?

A.            Starling’s law of heart states that increase in force of contraction is directly related to cardiac ouput

B.            Staling’s law of heart states that the force of ventricular contraction is directly related to the end diastolic volume

C.            Both A and B

D.            None of the above

495.        Minimum blood pressure is in    ?

A.            Aorta

B.            Arteries

C.            Capillaries

D.            Venules

496.        The largest function of the total peripheral resistance is due to


A.            Venules

B.            Arterioles

C.            Capillaries

D.            Precapillary sphincters

497.        Cardiac output is a measure of   ?

A.            Peripheral resistance X tissue fluid

B.            Peripheral resistance X cardiac rate

C.            Blood pressure X cardiac rate

D.            Heart rate X blood volume

498.        The ventricular repolarization in ECG is best seen in         ?

A.            “P” wave

B.            “Q” wave

C.            “R” wave

D.            “T” wave

499.        Parasympathetic stimulation of heart causes      ?

A.            SA node decreases firing

B.            Increased AV node excitability

C.            Decreased ventricular contraction

D.            Tachycardia

500.        The dicrotic notch on the aortic pressure curve is caused by                         ?

A.            Closure of the pulmonary valve

B.            Rapid filling of the left ventricle

C.            Closure of the aortic valve

D.            Contraction of the atria

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