51.          Cortisol ?

A.            Secretion increases following injury

B.            Favours protein synthesis

C.            Enhances antigen – antibody reactions

D.            Tends to lower blood pressure

52.          All are seen in Cushing ‘s syndrome except          ?

A.            Truncal obesity

B.            Hypertension

C.            Hypoglycemia

D.            Poor wound healing

53.          Which is false regarding insulin  ?

A.            Secreted by beta cells

B.            Glycopeptide

C.            Causes lipogenesis

D.            Promotes glycogenesis

54.          Human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone ( HCG)            ?

A.            Acts on the uterus to maintain integrity of endometrium in early pregnancy

B.            Production is greatest in the last three months of pregnancy

C.            Can be identified in the urine of pregnant women by immunological technique

D.            Is a steroid hormone

55.          Regarding myxedema the following are true except        ?

A.            Swollen, oedematous look of the face

B.            Impotency, amenorrhea

C.            B.M.R increased by 30 -45%

D.            Dullness, loss of memory

56.          The catecholamines secreted by adrenal medulla             ?

A.            Increases the blood glucose level by favoring glycogenolysis in blood and muscle cells

B.            Decrease the level o free fatty acids and ketone bodies

C.            Increase the splanchnic blood flow

D.            Are under the control of parasy

57.          In thyrotoxicosis , there is            ?

A.            Decrease in calcium excretion

B.            Increase in serum proteins which bind throxine

C.            Potentiation of catecholamine action

D.            Increase in calcium excretion

58.          Progesterone production in the ovary is primarily by       ?

A.            Stroma

B.            Corpora albicans

C.            Corpora lutea

D.            Mature follicles

59.          All the following hormones are secreted by adrenal cortex except           ?

A.            Estriol

B.            Cortisol

C.            Corticosterone

D.            Aldosterone

60.          Contraceptive action of combined pill is mainly due to    ?

A.            Decrease in tubal motility

B.            Prevents the fertilization

C.            Prevents the implantation of fertilized egg

D.            Inhibits ovulation

61.          Epinephrine is most closely related in structure to


A.            Niacin

B.            Tyrosine

C.            Methionine

D.            Glycerol

62.          Steroid hormones are believed to enter target cells via  ?

A.            Facilitated diffusion

B.            Carrier – mediated endocytosis

C.            Cholesterol lined pores in the plasma membrane

D.            Simple diffusion

63.          Which of the following statements about the action of the somatomedin is true ?

A.            They inhibit protein synthesis

B.            They antagonize the effect of insulin

C.            They promote growth of bone and cartilage

D.            They mediated the local effects of Somatostatin

64.          Hormone released during increased stress is      ?

A.            Cortisol

B.            Thyroxine

C.            Growth hormone

D.            Somatostatin

65.          Features of hypothyroidism does not include     ?

A.            Obseity

B.            Hypertension

C.            High TSH levels

D.            Increased risk of infections

66.          The primary site of action of antidiuretic hormone is on the                         ?

A.            Distal tubules and collecting ducts in the kidney

B.            Afferent arterioles of the glomeruli

C.            Thirst center in the hypothalamus

D.            Osmoreceptors in the hypothalamus

67.          The hormone , which stimulates uterus contraction and lets down milk, is                            ?

A.            Progesterone

B.            Prolactin

C.            Prostaglandin

D.            Oxytocin

68.          Which hormone does not have corresponding release hormone produced in pituitary ?

A.            TSH

B.            Prolactin

C.            ACTH

D.            FSH

69.          Thyroxine causes all the following except             ?

A.            Decreased cell metabolism

B.            Increased oxygen consumption

C.            Increased pulmonary ventilation

D.            Increased basal metabolism

70.          Which of the following hormones increase the sensitivity of heart to epinephrine            ?

A.            Parathyroid

B.            Insulin

C.            Thyroid

D.            Glucagon

71.          Which of the following is called hunger hormone              ?

A.            Epinephrine

B.            Glucagon

C.            Pituitary

D.            Thyroxine

72.          Posterior pituitary insufficiency leads to                ?

A.            Diabetes mellitus

B.            Diabetes insipidus

C.            Dwarfism

D.            Cretinism

73.          The blood glucose level in diabetes mellitus is decreased by removal of the                         ?

A.            Thyroid

B.            Parathyroids

C.            Anterior pituitary

D.            Posterior pituitary

74.          Adrenaline used for controlling of bleeding during surgery may result in                                ?

A.            Syncope

B.            Cardiac arrhythmias

C.            Drastic fall in blood pressure

D.            Precipitation of allergic reaction

75.          The primary effect of calcitonin is             ?

A.            Bone deposition

B.            Bone resorption

C.            Increases intestinal absorption of calcium

D.            Decreases intestinal absorption of calcium

76.          The decreased phosphate level seen in hyper parathyroidism is due to


A.            Decreased intestinal phosphate absorption

B.            Increased calcium excretion

C.            Decreased renal phosphate absorption

D.            Increased loss of phosphate in urine

77.          The hormone whose deficiency causes diabetes insipidus is released from which nucleus of pituitary     ?

A.            Supraoptic

B.            Pre optic

C.            Suprachiasmatic

D.            Paraventricular

78.          Aldosterone production is controlled by                ?

A.            Anterior pituitary gland

B.            Posterior pituitary gland

C.            Hypothalamus

D.            Adrenal gland

79.          Hormones, which stimulate spermatogenesis, are           ?

A.            Insulin and glucagon

B.            Thyroxine and parathormone

C.            A.D.H. and Oxytocin

D.            Testosterone and F.S. H

80.          Which of the following results due to excessive parathormone secretion              ?

A.            Increased excretion of phosphates

B.            Increased serum calcium

C.            Decrease excretion of calcium

D.            Increase excretion of calcium

81.          Bone metabolism is controlled by             ?

A.            Vit – D & Calcium

B.            Parathormone

C.            Calcitonin

D.            All of the above

82.          Changes in biological activity occurring daily are referred as           rhythm?

A.            Circadian

B.            Circa triginatan

C.            Circa sestin

D.            Circannual

83.          Iodine is primarily important in the biochemical synthesis of                        ?

A.            ACTH

B.            Thyroxine

C.            Adrenaline

D.            Calcitonin

84.          Trousseau’s sign and chovstek’s sings are positive in       ?

A.            Hyperparathyroidism

B.            Hypothyroidism

C.            Hypoparathyroidism

D.            Hyperthyroidism

85.          Vasopressin is synthesized in the             ?

A.            Anterior pituitary

B.            Hypothalamus

C.            Juxtaglomerular apparatus

D.            Vasomotor center

86.          Aldosterone       ?

A.            Increases reabsorption of sodium

B.            Increases exceretion of potassium

C.            Increases retention of sodium

D.            Both ‘A’ and ‘B’

87.          A phaeochromocytoma is a tumour of the           ?

A.            Adrenal cortex

B.            Parathyroids

C.            Pituitary

D.            None of the above

88.          Which of the following is associated with a low concentration of ionized calcium in the serum ?

A.            Hypothyroidism

B.            Osteogenesis imperfecta

C.            Paget’s disease of the bone

D.            Tetany

89.          Which of the following hormones is released from the posterior pituitary ?

A.            ACTH

B.            Antidiuretic hormone

C.            Growth hormone

D.            Luetinizing hormone

90.          All of the following are adverse effects of long- term corticosteroids EXCEPT       ?

A.            Hypoglycemia

B.            Psychosis

C.            Peptic ulcers

D.            Osteoporosis

91.          Which amongst the following is the gold standard for demonstrating hcG                             ?

A.            Radio immune assay

B.            Latex agglutination

C.            Immunofluorescence

D.            ELISA

92.          Which one of the following is a precursor of both gonadal and adrenocortical hormones                ?

A.            Progesterone

B.            Cortisol

C.            Testosterone

D.            Corticosterone

93.          Inhibit b hormone has effect on                ?

A.            Sertoli cells

B.            FSH

C.            Seminiferous tubules

D.            Spermatogenesis

94.          Glucose tolerance test is usually done to assess                ?

A.            Acute Pancreatitis

B.            Carcinoma of Head of Pancreas

C.            Acinar Function of the Pancreas

D.            Endocrine Dysfunction of Pancreas

95.          Which of the following hormones act via cAMP ?

A.            Insulin

B.            Parathormone

C.            Vasopressin

D.            Adrenalin

96.          Insulin increases the activity of  ?

A.            HMG. CoA reductase

B.            HMG- CoA lyase

C.            HMG- CoA synthase

D.            Thiolase

97.          Hyperthyroidism can be caused by          ?

A.            Clonidine

B.            Amiodarone

C.            Hydralazine

D.            Penicillamine

98.          Hormones FSH & LH of anterior pituitary gland acts on                    ?

A.            Testis but not ovaries

B.            Ovaries but not testis

C.            Both Testis and ovaries

D.            Adrenal cortex

99.          Removal of parathyroid gland produces the following changes EXCEPT   ?

A.            Decline plasma calcium level

B.            Decrease in plasma phosphate level

C.            Neuromuscular hyperexcitability

D.            hypo calcemic tetany

100.        Fertilized ovum usually gets attached to the uterus wall in            ?

A.            14 days

B.            28 days

C.            8 weeks

D.            1 week

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