Plant Breeding and Genetics (PBG) MCQs

Plant Breeding and Genetics (PBG) MCQs

  1. The germplasm theory was given by:

a). Von Bear

b). Galton

c). Welsmann

d). JohnnsenPG

2. oligogenic characters are governed by:

a). one gene

b). few gene

c). several gene

d) a & b

3. which one is both oilseed and pulse

a) Rapeseed&Mustard

b) Sunflower

c) Soyabean 

d) Sesame

4. Whic one is not rabi crop

a) Lentil

b) Gram

c) Mung 

d) Barley

5. The term evolution as descent with modifications was defined by

a) Darwin

b) Lamarck

c) Zimmerman

d) Hugo de Vries.

6. Potential variability from heterozygotes is released by

a) Slefing

b) inbreeding 

c) out breeding

d) both a&b

7. RCBD refers to

a) rendomized complete bsed design

b) rendomized complete block design

c) rendomized centeral block design

d) None of the above

8. the total number of amino acids are

a) 35

b) 30



9. Trnsgenic plants are knoen as the plants

a) selection from traditional crops

b) plant source developed through biotechnology 

c) with suoerior traits developed through conventional breeding

d) none

10. plant breeders right’s are operating in

a) geneva

b) moscow

c) bonn 

d) none


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