Political Stability is mandatory for economic prosperity in Pakistan”. Elaborate.

“Political Stability is mandatory for economic prosperity in Pakistan”. Elaborate.

Politics and economics are two joint aspect of modern state. Both play role in helping a nation to grow and prosper. Further, political stability ensures economic prosperity and the later provides incentives from the former to emerge. Pakistan is a developing country. Most of its economic development often gets overwhelmed and compromised due to country’s political instability.

Defining Political Stability:
Political stability refers to an even and calm working of political affairs of a country. It is seen in terms of government’s strength and its control, role of opposition and trust of people on country’s political system.

Defining Economic Prosperity:
Economic prosperity is the overall growth in terms of national trade, GDP and other aspects of state’s financial affairs. Economic prosperity is measured from a country’s wealth and its use.

Link between Political Stability and Economic Prosperity:
In modern states, both co-exist to help developing a prosperous setup. If a country is economically growing yet it faces political instability that growth would turn out to be a temporary affair. Pakistan has recorded marvelous economic growth in different times but that growth lost its vigor due to country’s political instability. Following are some manifestations of political instability in Pakistan that compromise its economic growth:

  • Weak political governments lacking clear mandate in parliament
  • Interference of military in political affairs thus hampering the democratic process
  • Immature & illogical role of opposition parties based on single objecting of ousting the ruling alliance
  • Absence of trust of people on their government thus leading to ill performance of institutions
  • Politicized and weak governmental institutions

Ways of Ensuring Political Stability:
In following ways, Pakistan can ensure political stability that will lead to long term and sustainable economic prosperity:

  • Military needs to move out of the entire political process thus leaving the political parties on their own
  • Political parties need to recruit reasonable individuals as its candidates for the election
  • Political parties need to rely on democratic principles instead of using cheap tactics against each other
  • Political parties need to stop being pawns in the hands of non-democratic forces
  • People should start building their confidence in democratic system, their government and political representative by using their vote in rightful way
  • People need to stop relying on undemocratic means of derailing the political setup
  • State institutions should play their role by working with neutral agenda and sole for the prosperity of this country
  • States institutions need to give up on their political affiliations and perform in a sense they are supposed to do as per the constitution and concerned laws

Political stability is essential for economic prosperity that is sustainable and long term. For bring that stability in Pakistan, we need to work on multiple fronts including the political stakeholders, people at large and the state intuitions. With bringing positive changes in all the said aspects, political stability can be ensure in this country that will ultimately guarantee economic growth.

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