Sr. No.QuestionsAnswers
1._____ and _____ are combination of Agroforestry
(a) Fodder crops, fibre crop
(b) Food crops, fibre crop
(c) Trees, grasses
(d) Food crops, tree crop
Answer: (d)
2.A non-renewale source of energy is
(a) Wile life
(b) Fossils fuels
(c) Water
(d) Forest
Answer: (b)
3.A plant endemic to India is
(a) Banyan
(b) Ginkgo
(c) Sequoia
(d) Triticum
Answer: (a)
4.A recent technique for the study of vegetation is
(a) Ground photography
(b) Remote sensing
(c) Field work
(d) Observation
Answer: (b)
5.A renewable exhaustible natural resource is
(a) Forest
(b) Coal
(c) Petroleum
(d) Minerals
Answer: (a)
6.A species restricted to a given area is
(a) Endemic species
(b) Allopatric species
(c) Sympatric species
(d) Sibling species
Answer: (a)
7.According to IUCN red list, what is the status of Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens)
(a) Critically endangered
(b) Endangered species
(c) Vulnerable species
(d) Extinct species
Answer: (b)
8.Agroforestry and social forestry both includes
(a) Production forestry
(b) Commercial forestry
(c) Afforestation
(d) Plantation of trees
Answer: (d)
9.An endangered bird is
(a) Passenger Pigeon
(b) Pink-headed duck
(c) Great Indian Bustard
(d) Vulture
Answer: (c)
10.An endangered species from the following
(a) Azardirachta
(b) Rosa indica
(c) Rauwolfia serpentina
(d) Acacia arabica
Answer: (c)
11.An example of ex-situ conservation is
(a) Seed bank
(b) Sacred groves
(c) National parks
(d) Wildlife Sanctuary
Answer: (a)
12.An exhaustible renewable resource is
(a) Coal
(b) Solar energy
(c) Fresh water
(d) Petroleum
Answer: (c)
13.An inexhaustible and renewable source of energy is
(a) Wood
(b) Natural gas
(c) Fossil fuel
(d) Hydropower
Answer: (d)
14.Anthropogenic extinction occurs due to
(a) Earthquakes
(b) Floods
(c) Changing environmental conditions
(d) Human activities
Answer: (d)
15.Biogas is which type of natural resources
(a) Renewable
(b) Inexhaustible
(c) Non-conventional
(d) Both(a) and(c)
Answer: (d)
r. No.QuestionsAnswers
1.Chipko Movement is an example of forest conservation through
(a) Tehri-Garhwal district
(b) Uttaranchal
(c) Public awareness and participation
(d) Political issue
Answer: (c)
2.Chipko movement is related to
(a) Forest conservation
(b) Soil conservation
(c) Water conservation
(d) Wetland conservation
Answer: (a)
3.Chipko movement was launched for protection of
(a) Forests
(b) Grass lands
(c) Wet lands
(d) Live stocks
Answer: (a)
4.Conservation of species in its natural habitat is
(a) In-situ
(b) Ex-situ
(c) In-vitro
(d) Both(b) and(c)
Answer: (a)
5.Deforestation brings about
(a) Soil erosion
(b) Weed control
(c) Decreases drought
(d) Increased sunlight
Answer: (a)
6.Deforestation is caused due to
(a) Silviculture
(b) Construction of roads
(c) Rainfall
(d) Plantation of trees
Answer: (b)
7.Deforestation is the major causal agent of
(a) Depletion of natural resources
(b) Environmental pollution
(c) Desertification of habitat
(d) Genetic erosion
Answer: (c)
8.Deforestation will decrease
(a) Soil erosion
(b) Land slides
(c) Soil fertility
(d) Rainfall
Answer: (d)
9.Development of botanical garden is what type of conservation
(a) Ex-situ
(b) A common
(c) An easy
(d) In-situ
Answer: (a)
10.Ex situ conservation is carried out in
(a) Sanctuary
(b) National park
(c) Biosphere reserve
(d) Zoo.
Answer: (d)
11.Extensive planting of trees to increase forest cover is called
(a) Deforestation
(b) Agroforestry
(c) Social forestry
(d) Afforestation
Answer: (d)
12.For mapping. Remote sending equipment is mounted on
(a) Aircraft and satellite
(b) Ship and spacecraft
(c) Satellite and spacecraft
(d) All the above
Answer: (a)
13.Forests control drought by
(a) Preventing soil erosion
(b) Increasing oxygen
(c) Increasing humidity and rainfall
(d) Preventing floods
Answer: (c)
14.Fresh water present on earth is
(a) 97.5%
(b) 0.01%
(c) 2.5 %
(d) 1.97%
Answer: (c)
15.Fresh water problem arises due to
(a) Globaly available stocks are insufficient
(b) Uneven distribution on earth
(c) No regeneration of required quantity through natural hydrological cycle
(d) Any one of above
Answer: (b)

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