Entomology mcqs part-1

Entomology MCQs 1.Insects are thought to be so very successful because of a. Their small size b. Ecological diversity c. Ability to utilize many food sources d. Reproductive potential e. All of the…

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Plant Pathology MCQs Part 1

Plant Pathology MCQs 1.       Aflatoxin is produced by a.                   Bacteria b.                  Fungi c.                   Nematode d.                  Virus 2.                   Fungi growing on dung are called a.                   Terricolous b.                  Coprophilous c.                   Saxicolous d.                  Saxiphilous 3.                   One…

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Plant Pathology

Plant pathology 50 MCQs 2022

Plant pathology is a science that studies plant diseases and attempts to improve the chances for survival of plants when they are faced with unfavorable environmental conditions and parasitic microorganisms that cause disease….

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